Mrs. Kamlesh Garg, my wife, had been taking consultation from her regular dentist for a couple of years for Mouth Ulcers. But the Mouth Ulcers would reappear after every few months.

I advised her to consult Dr Manish Gupta. Initially, she was not comfortable due to the distance factor. However, on my persistence, she agreed and one fine morning, three generations of my family landed at the G.K. clinic of Dr Gupta. Dr Manish Gupta took an x-ray and advised some simple steps to be followed every day. My daughter in law & granddaughter also took the opportunity to avail the complimentary consultation. Since that day, Mrs. Garg is very happy & relishes Gol Guppe at every opportunity.

I thank Dr Manish Gupta & his team for being so caring in giving honest professional advice. We feel proud of Dr Manish Gupta and will only be too happy to recommend him strongly to our relatives & friends who may need dental consultation.

I wish Dr Manish Gupta all the very best and also wish that he achieve great professional heights in the years to come.