Dental Implants In Delhi

dental implants

Dental implants involve placing a surgical fixture into the jaw bone and allowing it to fuse with the bone over a few months. Gradually, this becomes a sturdy base for supporting artificial teeth. The implant allows these new teeth to look, feel and function naturally. Most dental implants are made of titanium, which allows them to integrate with the bone without being recognised as a foreign object in our body. Today the success rate for dental implants is close to 98%. At Kamal Dental Clinic, the best quality dental implants are offered which are personalised specifically for every patient.

Single Tooth Replacement
Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth or all the teeth. The goal of teeth replacement is to restore functions as well as aesthetics. Dental implants can help patients who have lost their teeth (of the upper or lower arch) due to decay or gum diseases. Using a minimal number of implants, our dentists can provide a very stable and comfortable prosthesis. The treatment is so efficient that it does not affect the neighbouring teeth. The result is amazing and aesthetically appealing. Call us today to get your dental implants!
All on 4
One of the many effective treatment options is ‘All on 4’. It means four implants can be used to replace all the teeth in a single arch and then a thin denture prosthesis is screwed into place. Implant dentistry has allowed for more treatment options to replace multiple missing teeth with long term stability. This has significantly contributed to improved oral health in people with dental implants.
Is Seniority An Issue For Dental Implants?
Not at all, age is not an issue, well-being is the key factor. We do a thorough analysis of your mouth and surrounding bone if they can hold the implants and are strong enough to have a tooth extracted, and if they do, you are good-to-go. Older people must not restrict themselves to get the advantages of this treatment due to age. Our team checks your medical history and sincerely lets you know if you’re eligible for dental implants.
How Will I Feel To Have Dental Implants In My Mouth?
Well, they feel like your natural teeth. You can eat and drink whatever you want. They are functional just like your common teeth. What’s better, dental implants help you to regain your confidence and smile. Unlike dentures, they wouldn’t come off or create bruises that make them difficult to wear.
How Should I Care For My New Teeth?
Your new teeth need care just like your natural teeth does. Brushing and flossing are necessary to avoid any infection or decay of implants. Other than oral care, you must also visit a dentist for deep cleaning and a routine check on your implants. Just ensure you maintain good oral hygiene and your teeth will be good-to-go for years to come.

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