Professional Teeth Whitening

Oral prophylaxis/scaling is primarily a teeth cleaning procedure that involves the removal of tartar and plaque deposits from the surface of the teeth. The hidden surface areas between the teeth and under the gums are also cleaned properly. An ultrasonic scaler, a specialized device, is used to remove the deposits.

Oral prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxis Examination

An initial inspection is performed to identify the scope of cleaning required. When only the visible surfaces of your teeth have deposits, regular cleaning or scaling is performed. However, deep cleaning or deep scaling is required if there is a buildup of tartar and plaque within the gums also. Oral prophylaxis is an effective preventive measure that helps fight and control gum diseases and tooth decay. The frequency of a person’s gum maintenance appointments depends on their oral health condition, which will be determined through an initial diagnosis by our dentists.

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Benefits Of Having An Oral Prophylaxis

  • Prevents Tooth Decay
  • Prevents Gum Disease
  • Prevents Bad Breath
  • Removes Extrinsic Stains
  • Lowers Risk for Diseases
  • Early detection of Diseases

Why Do You Need Oral Prophylaxis?

Oral Prophylaxis is a painless cleaning procedure conducted at our office to get rid of plaque build-up. Regardless of how particular you are about your home oral care, regular professional dental cleaning helps to nip the decay and the progression of gum disease in the bud.

What Does Teeth Scaling Feel Like?

Dental scaling is a painless procedure, and patients may find the sensations such as tickling and vibrations of the cooling mist of water. The feeling does not cause any discomfort. A lot of people enjoy dental scaling and love the feel of their smooth teeth afterwards! However, your dentist can recommend various options such as anaesthesia if you find things are getting too uncomfortable for your liking.

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