Tooth Impaction

The third molars or wisdom teeth and even canine or other teeth can get impacted or fail to emerge properly, often due to lack of space. Sometimes, a tooth may be partially impacted, meaning it has started to break through the gums, but it is yet to grow to its full shape.

What Are The Symptoms of Tooth Impaction?

Oftentimes, tooth impaction may not result in any obvious symptoms and is only discovered during a routine x-ray at the dentist’s office. However, in some cases, people may notice symptoms of an impacted tooth such as jaw pain, swelling or bleeding, damage to other teeth, and bad breath. Wisdom teeth are more likely to get affected since they are the last ones to emerge and, by this time, the jaw has stopped growing.

What To Do If Symptoms Do Not Occur?

If you sense a tooth impaction, but it isn’t causing any symptoms, it is suggested that you should monitor its growth regularly instead of getting it removed immediately. Our dentists administer eruption aids that encourage the impacted teeth to develop properly and fully. If the normal eruption is not achieved, extraction surgery is performed to remove the impacted tooth.

What Is Tooth Removal?

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more teeth with the use of anaesthetic drugs for painless extraction. However, we do not advise wisdom tooth extraction unless they cause any discomfort or crowding.

At Kamal Dental Clinic, our main objective is to keep your natural teeth healthy for life. Our multi-speciality centre has specialized surgeons who perform all procedures in dealing with conditions related to tooth extraction and other jaw-related disorders. Call us today to make an appointment for tooth extraction.

Do all wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Not at all. Wisdom teeth removal is very subjective and based on the dental situation of each patient. Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they have fully erupted, and are positioned correctly and work properly with the adjacent teeth. If the patient can be properly clean, floss and practices daily hygiene, wisdom teeth removal is not required.

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